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Finding Joy Week 4. Wait.... syrup has sugar?

Lucinda's Perspective.

Because of the sugar struggle, Joy has started my 6 week online "Sugar Fix" Seminar. This takes you through 6 weeks of email's that include videos, audio and worksheets. All of it is designed for awareness and recovery from sugar. She has started week 1- all about awareness. Easter seems a fitting time to get started!

Week 4 - Joy

Easter is hard when your will power is tested every day! To be able to just say no every time is the reason my kids Easter candy wasn't raided daily. It was certainly not an easy week. I didn't even clue in that maple syrup was a form of sugar I should stay away from until well after breakfast and I was tracking. However, this was one of the first Easter's I have lost weight. I look forward to more weeks of Lucinda's Sugar Fix!


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