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Kirsty's Story-One determined lady!

Kirsty came to me a ways into the weight loss journey, just needing some guidance. She just needed some help with nutrition and some accountability. She dropped weight FAST, and over Christmas- DETERMINED MAMA! She is off on her own now after I taught her how to maintain her weight ...... I will let her tell the story..

During pregnancy I gained over 50 pounds but knew that after having my baby I wanted to work at losing the weight again. I would lose a little then plateau for awhile then lose some more. I was always happy and confident about how I looked so I never pushed myself hard to reach my goal weight. In mid-October I heard about Coaching with Lucinda and decided that would be the extra push I needed to achieve my goals. With Lucinda's guidance and accountability I reached my goal weight, increased my fitness level, and turned healthy eating into an enjoyable habit for myself and my son.



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