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Tara's Story...... Part 1

Tara’s Story….

Tara is a great friend that I have known for a while…. I have known about her health concerns and the more nutrition knowledge I gained, the more alarm bells were going off in my head. I was so happy when Tara reached out and asked for help. After she did her full assessment it became apparent what I already suspected… A fairly serious wheat sensitivity that was causing health concerns. For Tara it was migraines, asthma and weight gain. Wheat sensitivity looks different for different people. It can affect our heath in MANY different ways. For Tara hers were serious. Debilitating even. She came to me with a beat up self image and a serious reluctance to even take a photo of herself. Not only was I coaching her on food/ nutrition but on how she felt about herself. Sometimes taking that “ before” picture can be overwhelming. One thing I know about this lady is she is DETERMINED, she gets stuff done! So I created an action plan, week 1-2 were getting used to cutting out gluten… It’s in EVERYTHING. She also needed to be eating MORE food and MORE water. After she got used to a plan involving

real whole foods… She was off…. 5 weeks in and she is down 15lbs. She has a journey ahead of her and I am beside her the whole way. I am excited to see her healthy and gaining confidence…. Congrats Tara on reaching your first goal. You go girl!

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