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My Story....

My story is sadly typical. I found myself mid 30's - I was unheathy tired all the time and READY for change. I had had 2 children and was emotional eating and eating for comfort. I went on the journey of eating real food and wading my way through all the marketing for " diets" I discovered that eating REAL whole foods achieved health, energy and sustainable weightloss. Oh what a journey it was. ONLY possible with accountability and a husband who was willing to be on my team. I always telll clients you need your spouse on your " team" because if they are on the couch with you.... eating chips, your journey will be that much more challenging.

In 7 months I lost 40 lbs. I learned that I have a serious sugar addiction and I do some serious emotional eating. I needed to work through and perhaps learn how to be with and feel those negative emotions. That is not the fun part of the journey. The fun is about 20lbs lost, friends noticed... I suddenly had cheerleaders. Trust me it feels great and adds to your motivation.

I have maintained a weight loss of 50 lbs for 2 years now. I am determined to help others fins the path to real food, good choices and perhaps bypass the traditional "" diets" I have extensive research first hand experience and education to help you find a healthy weight and optimum health. I specialize in overeating, emotional eating and food addictions. Trust me i have been there.

There is a way to balance, kids, life, healthy eating and responsibilities.

Lets do this together!


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