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Finding HANGRY Joy week 17

If you are like me…you can get a little HANGRY now and then. Between meals, late at night and if I don’t eat in the morning before I have to think. This last week I have been listening to a lot of podcasts recommended by Lucinda and they ALL deal with the emotional side of eating. One of the things that I listened to was about the emotions that we try to hide with eating. So…I let myself get HANGRY (alone so I didn’t put my poor family in danger! J) and felt what it was that I was trying to cover with food. I let myself go there, and I was surprised…what I eat to cover is not anything as important as my health, but I’ve been eating to get away from having to feel it. In the process I found out that I didn’t pass out, faint from hunger or die! J In fact I got hungry, then HANGRY and then I felt really good! I let my body start burning fat. This feels so counter intuitive to what I”ve been doing for so many years, but was such a good exercise. So….if you can keep your family safe from your HANGRY self, try it out, get hungry, get upset, find out what you’re really upset about and then feel your body burn your fat resources. I promise, this will feel empowering!

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