Finding Joy - Kombucha and Self Care

I love this Vlog by Joy and you will too! Self-care is SO important. Unfortunately, sometimes we over indulge in things that detract from our health as a way to replace self care. My challenge: what can you do that lowers stress and is self care that adds to your health? Start today!

Personally, I love a wine glass of Kombucha in the evenings... it feels like self care to me!

If you haven't made it to a class yet or just want to try some amazing Kombucha, you can find it right around here...

Happy Belly Kombucha can be found at:

Stangs Health Center Olds

Our Flames - on tap in the lounge!

Health Hole in Sundre

Or I can hook you up! (Call or text Lucinda 403-438-0273) Other locations in Alberta (click link) Want a list of our Top 5 Self Care Ideas to have more happiness in your life? Click below and we will send the list to you right away!

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