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Staying Fit This Winter

Staying Fit This Winter

The cold weather is upon us, and will probably stay until spring. (Sigh…) Winter can be a big challenging to our health. We are more likely to stay indoors, be lazy, neglect physical activity, eat a little less healthy, and enjoy a little more sweets/treats/alcohol due to the holidays.

There is a greater challenge to be active in the winter for us Canadians, because let’s face it, the cold blowing wind isn’t as welcoming as warm & breezy summer sunshine. But this doesn’t mean that we have to wait until spring to be active again.

It may not be said enough but there are so many benefits from exercise. More energy, brain endorphins that make you feel good, mental health management, reduced stress, increased calories burned, weight loss & weight maintenance, decrease in health risks (high blood pressure, type II diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease), social benefits if you are active in a group setting, and so much more!

With all that being said, there are so many unique ways we can be active in the winter!



-Cross country skiing

-Ice skating (indoors & outdoors)

-And don’t forget to keep walking the dog!

But if you don’t want to go outside there’s always indoor options too!

-Indoor sports (hockey, volleyball, basketball, soccer, squash, etc)

-Fitness classes & programs (these will keep you accountable)

-Home workouts (DVD, fitness app, online videos)

The point of listing so many options is for you to find what you love. If you enjoy the activity you do then you are more likely to do it! So get out there and try some of these things if you’ve never done them, you might be surprised by what you like.

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