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Daring greatly....

I read some life changing books last year. I read the Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. GAME CHANGERS. Read them and be ready to go charging forth! They inspired me.

Here is the truth. I fight fear, daily.... I fight self doubt. Being brave and putting myself " out there" terrifying!!!!

I found changing how I ate was scary. There were critics. Changing my life and health and body, SCARY! I get it. I get where you might be standing right now. It might be time for you to read these books.

I know that each client of mine struggles with change. Change pushes you to be "out there" it pushes you to be noticed, visible and brave.

SO I read these books and decided to do something scary. I called it " confession week" I posted some facebook posts and a blog with my real life " confessions" I am just a real person and a imperfect mom and I confessed.....all week. Mostly I heard... " hey! me too!!" But guess what? There were some critics. They said "there are NO excuses to eat unhealthy! Especially on vacation" "why would anyone ever feed their kids unhealthy foods? EVER? "

And I thought ... OH shit, what have I done ? Brene was WRONG!! They might be right... I am failing at this. I should be doing better!!! But wait.. I have this quote (go read it right now!!) I posted in my phone, on my wall. It is my motto. Were these critics in the arena? Were they there fighting beside me, covered in sweat and blood and tears.... NOPE... BIG NOPE. It is not the critic that counts. IT is you- and you are brave! I might just buy all my critics a copy of Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.

So fast forward to now. I got some photos done to promote my personal training. I usually stay out of photos, they feel like it is putting myself out there....for real. Scary stuff. These ones, they show some flaws. I am ok with that. I am so imperfect... and we all are. (a year older and I am embracing the flaws.)

I hope you embrace the scary stuff, the things that put you out there. They are the things that make you feel alive! And scared! embrace that .... and remember It is not the critic that counts. Keep daring greatly!

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