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Finding Joy- Food Prep

Hello Everyone!

I have had a lot of fun talking about my meal preparation and I'd like to wish everyone a great big thank you to everyone that participated in our contest. We are very excited that in the next few weeks we will have some fun with our winner - Maureen Harper!

This week I wanted to share a bit more about my prep and what inspires me. This week was all about SALSA! I have been talking about fermenting (if you haven't been to one of Lucinda's classes I highly recommend it!) and wanted to make some salsa as I love fresh salsa so much. That turned into a taco themed lunch menu. This is proving to be a lot of fun. I get to have the foods that I love and I'm making enough that my family can also enjoy the Turkey Taco Meatballs!

The last few weeks have been full of parties, stress and kids with lots of germs. It hasn't been very good for my weight loss but I'm still making a choice to keep making a plan to eat healthy and it's the reason I'm not going in the wrong direction. I'm practicing self love/care and not letting my lack of weight loss make me feel bad. I will succeed in the long run!

Enjoy your food prep and please share your favorite lunch/dinners that you prepare in advance. I'd love to get more ideas!

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