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What is "Chef's Plate"? - Lucinda's Review

I had a client and a friend start telling me how awesome this meal service, "Chef's Plate" is . Easy, healthy meals delivered right to your door? Seems like there should be a catch. Right?

I am a nutrition and weight loss coach and so I talk to busy women every day. The draw of fast food being the quick solution, it's a strong one. By Thursday or Friday night we all get tired.... tired of cooking, shopping, planning, all of it...... We all want easy, quick and we try for healthy. People are always asking for meal plans and everyone wishes for more time. The shopping, planning, prep and decisions about what to eat.... it's exhausting and time consuming.

So she sent me a discount I couldn't say no to, and I decided to try it.

We are a family of 4 with kids age 5 and 8. We have some serious food allergies and food reactions. So that means NO chicken, brown beans, carrots, celery, dairy or wheat. (good grief!!) Sounds simple, right?

I actually found meals we could all enjoy quite easily - they sounded great. It was a great selection to choose from. Nothing in them that we couldn't have. I signed up and got my order the next week.

Easy to use- I give it a 10/10

Easy directions. Each meal in a bag and clear directions. Most are 30-35 minutes to make and I found that estimation to be right on!

Healthy Food- I give it a 9/10

Real food and lots of flavour. I would call most of the meal choices clean eating. High quality veggies and great meat quality.

Quantity- 8/10

I ordered the meals for 2. I think it would feed 3 people easily. My husband hoped for more meat. If you have 2 meat eaters you might need to supplement the meat. I always have lots of veggies with our meals so I would add more in.

Cost - I am torn... it is expensive, but the value is in the convenience.

So if you were to do the work yourself, buy the food and put it together, you could do this WAY cheaper. What you pay for is the convenience. It is somewhat less than eating out. About the same cost as fast food. So if you have 2 working adults and busy kids then THIS is a WAY better alternative than fast food. This is a healthier choice than eating out.

The best news- Both kids loved the food. A change from the usual and some great flavors!

Personally I am home enough usually to do the work and prep the meals. Weeks I am working more or both of us are too busy- I will be ordering from this meal service for sure!

I love this concept! Creative, flavorful healthy meals- Delivered right to your door. SWEET.

Here is the coupon code for 3 free plates- Give it a try!!

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