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How to get Bikini ready in 5 weeks!

Catchy title right?

" Health" magazines all seem to say this same thing this time of year. It actually makes me mad. Not just because that sets us up for unrealistic expectations but because wearing a bikini, or being ready has NOTHING to do with your body.

First of all, the people modelling for those articles are fitness models. Do you know who can look like a fitness model in 5 weeks? A fitness model. Certainly not me....

When I started to drop weight, I decided that I was going to wear a bikini that summer... Did I look perfect? NO, Did I look like a model? NO, Was I at my goal weight? NO. Did I buy a bikini and get out on the beach and have fun -YOU BET!

Second, you can wear whatever bathing suit you want to this summer... YES you ! It does not matter if it is a full coverage "mom suit" or tankini... or a string bikini. Put it on, strut your stuff and OWN it!

So here are my steps to get ready to wear ANY suit you want to.

1. Say really kind things to yourself- In the mirror, in any outfit, in your PJ's. Talk kind.

2. Start to love yourself at any size. Yes I talk about weight loss, but my focus is HEALTH. Part of you being healthy is loving you through any journey.

3. Find a suit that fits you. Wear it. Own it.

That's it! Being "ready" for bathing suit season has to do with confidence and self love.That is where it starts.

Set down that magazine. It has nothing nice to say to you.

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