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Camping and BBQ's and Picnic's OH MY!

First of all- Get out there and get some sunshine and fresh air!!

Every season has its challenges. Spring and summer are no exception. The question this week is " what should I eat at a BBQ/ or camping? '

That is a good one. What should you eat. ? The good news is, if you go away out camping or even on a picnic, all you have to eat is what you bring. So bring the good stuff. Fruit and cut up veggies, pre- made big salads. Roasted veggies over the fire taste amazing.

When you attend a BBQ- be the one to bring the large healthy dish. If we all do this, then hopefully where ever you go , there will be healthy choices. It is ok to let your friends know that you are changing how you eat. It might even encourage them to try a new recipe, or bring a healthy dish as well. It is ok to say no- thank you to dessert or skip the chips. If at all possible, hang out with like minded people who support you getting healthy.

What about treats? I have 2 thoughts on that. It depends on what type of treat person you are.

1. If you can have just one thing, whatever it may be. Plan to just have and and commit to that.

2. If you know that one marshmallow= 15. Then leave the treats behind. Just say no. A watermelon is a great alternative.

Base your activities around being active and enjoying nature. If you base it around sitting and eating chips then that is what you will do. Plan a hike or a nature walk. Get the kids involved. Make a nature treasure hunt. Plan ahead a little bit and research the area you will be going to.

Whatever your plan is, get out there and enjoy. Being in the sunshine and enjoying nature is one of the best stress busters.

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