Is setting goals a stupid idea?

So I wrote this blog post about 2017 Kicking my ass. I set goals, I did not reach them. Does that mean I think setting goals is stupid? NOPE I am setting more. But bigger this year. I think having a goal to focus on and work toward is what makes us successful. If we go on a trip not knowing where we are headed, no map, that will guarantee that we don't make it. Goals are your map. Get a very clear very specific map for your 2018. Set the goal then make the action plan to make it happen. Let someone know what those goals are. Be specific. Make it attainable Know the action steps to make it happen Work the action steps daily Let me know how I can help.

2017 Kicked My Ass

I am a planner. I set goals, I make lists, I plan ahead.... And this year taught me a few lessons.  It also kicked my plan to the curb... and then stomped all over it. 1. I did not reach 1 of my New Year's goals. NOT 1 SINGLE GOAL.... and there was about 14. Not fun, right? I wrote my goals down, I put in the work- I visualized them happening and.... NOPE! I was very focused on some very narrow goals, and not reaching them, opened up great things. I started saying "HEY! maybe, just maybe something else is supposed to happen here - and it did. I perhaps was so narrow in my goal setting that I did not see what was actually possible. Change was the constant this year. Make a goal, but allow you

Why do you need a personal trainer?

When it comes to being healthy, you need to do more than just focus on what you eat. Exercise is a key component to your health but many people think exercise is limited to going to the gym. There are so many reasons that people don’t enjoy going to the gym: all the different machines can be complicated to use, you don’t know what exercises to do or how much weight to lift, you haven’t seen any changes in your body, you are overwhelmed or intimidated to be in a gym setting. Of course this is not a complete list but these are common reasons that people will not go to the gym. Working out in a gym is certainly not the only form of exercise you can do, but if you want to go to the gym and these

Goodbye from Wendy

The start of September seems so far away now that I’m in December, and just like that, my practicum is coming to a close. I have to extend a thank you to all of Lucinda’s clients that I had the privilege of meeting and getting to see a small part of their lives. This has been a great opportunity for me to expand my skills and discover what the health coaching field is like; I’ve got lots of good tips to take away from this experience. I also have to send my biggest thanks to Lucinda. Without her willingness to accept my practicum offer I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to get my foot in the door and see the health coaching field for myself before I ventured into it. This practicum provide

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