Staying Fit This Winter

Staying Fit This Winter The cold weather is upon us, and will probably stay until spring. (Sigh…) Winter can be a big challenging to our health. We are more likely to stay indoors, be lazy, neglect physical activity, eat a little less healthy, and enjoy a little more sweets/treats/alcohol due to the holidays. There is a greater challenge to be active in the winter for us Canadians, because let’s face it, the cold blowing wind isn’t as welcoming as warm & breezy summer sunshine. But this doesn’t mean that we have to wait until spring to be active again. It may not be said enough but there are so many benefits from exercise. More energy, brain endorphins that make you feel good, mental health

Tips for Choosing Supplements wisely

Tips for Choosing Supplements Wisely I get asked about supplements all the time. This is just a few helpful suggestions. We are so lucky to live in a town with various Helth We all know the vast array of supplements on the market today. It seems that new ones are launched every day and there is more and more marketing lingo that promises to save your health. But you are a savvy health-conscious consumer. You want to make sure you're making wise choices with your health (and money). Here are eight expert tips for you when choosing supplements: Tip #1: If you’re in a country that licenses or pre-approves supplements (like I am in Canada), then make sure you’re getting the real thing, and not s

Food at home....

Generally speaking, food made at home is a healthier option because you use fresh, real ingredients, you control what goes into your meal along with your portion size versus when we eat out. Now I’m sure we can all say that not every recipe we have is considered healthy. We’ve all got our favourite comfort food, decadent desserts, or yearly holiday baking. These recipes are not a bad thing at all, because it’s great to treat yourself to something you really like every once in a while. Life is about balance. But there are a few ways that we can make our everyday recipes, meals, and eating habits just a little healthier. Homemade baked goods: -Whole wheat flour rather than white flour, or even

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