Are diet pills and drinks safe?

Are Diet Supplements & Fads Safe? Let’s take a minute or two to talk about “diets” and diet products. There are thousands of products and programs on the market that promise weight loss, an increase in metabolism, more energy, muscle gain, and all without doing any work or making lifestyle changes. I’m sorry, but most things that are that easy… just aren’t true. This isn’t the answer that we want to hear, everyone wants change to be easy. So, before you consider joining any kind of program or taking a diet pill or drink, look out for a few things that you need to avoid: Anything that claims QUICK & EASY weight loss Products that claim to have a “scientific breakthrough for fat loss” or if a

Let's Make this Winter Different!!

YOU Healthy: It’s Time for a New Beginning Let's make this winter different! It’s hard to make a new start when you feel sluggish and discouraged. That’s why I exist: to help you move from reality to your dream. If you have tried and failed at fitness, nutrition or weight loss, then you likely feel too paralyzed to try again. Motivating people to get healthy, however, is what I do best. But you have to let me help you! Let’s get started. A Quick Look Back We are going to focus mainly on what is ahead for you; the past is the past and it is best to leave it there. However, in order to make the best start, we need to take a look at what may have sabotaged your previous efforts to get in sh

Vanity Pounds

The first I heard about vanity pounds was in an article by Jillian Micheals and I thought I would define and discuss what they are here. Vanity pounds are the last 5-10 pounds. The ones you fight with, the ones you think you neeeeeed to drop. I am here to tell you, you need to find balance. I am not against using the scale, it is just a tool. The scale does not dictate your health. Sometimes we get stuck, we think we have to drop to a certain # OR we need to fit into a certain size. I am here to ask a few key important questions. When close to your goal or seeming to fight with those pounds ask; 1. Am I healthy? 2. How is my energy? 3. Are my expectations realistic? 4. Is the lifestyle or s

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