Being Kind to Kim- I want to quit.

Sometimes I trick myself into believing that I'm happy with my progress and I don't want to lose any more weight. Then I tell Lucinda that I want to quit. Luckily, she's so good at reading me that she sees through my B.S. and reminds me that I don't really want to quit. Sometimes I want to quit because my husband has come home from working up North and I just want to celebrate! I want to eat at restaurants, drink lots of beer, go for ice cream, go to the movies... the list goes on and on! I'm really good at celebrating with food and it's a lot of fun. It's tough to be on a "healthy eating mission" and be celebrating with food every day at the same time. They just don't jive. And sometimes

Being Kind to Kim (and HONEST!)

I've gotten really good at speaking gently and kindly to myself. I no longer think things like "these pants make me look fat" or "man, my butt is big". This is HUGE for me! But... (and this is a BIG BUTT, ha ha)... I have to be careful that the pendulum doesn't swing too far in the other direction. What I mean is, sometimes I speak so kindly to myself that I think I am a swimsuit model or something! Ok, not really. But almost! I need a reality check and I need to be honest with myself. Take a deep breath, Kim, here it comes!... You are eating healthier, for sure! Great job! You are more physically active than before! Way to go! You've lost over 30 pounds! That's awesome! Butt.... y

Camping and BBQ food ideas!

Camping and BBQ season can seem tricky to stay on track and make healthy choices. There are MANY great real foods that taste fantastic on the BBQ or over the fire. Plan ahead for success. Dont bring the junk. Sometimes we get in the rut of tradition and what has always been done. You get to choose what you eat. Just because you always used to eat chips out camping, does not mean that is what needs to happen this year. If you are invited to a BBQ- be the one to bring the healthy dish! Here is a list of ideas; CAMPING; Breakfast – individual oatmeal packets (just add hot water) – fresh fruit (depending on what, may not need a cooler) – eggs (*cooler item) – bacon (regular or turkey *cooler

Mirror Talk

I am SURE I have talked about this before. It is so important and can really set our day up for success or failure. What do we say to ourselves when looking in the mirror? Everyone needs that gentle reminder to speak kindly. Listen to your thoughts, listen to what you are saying about your body. NOW ... would you say that to a 5 year old little girl? I want to encourage you to be saying kind words, start your day building yourself up. I gave this assignment to a client and her husband got involved. She shared her action plan with him that I sent. After a few days he noticed she may not have been doing this step... So he wrote a compliment. Every day, a new one. Lovely kind words about her. T

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