How to create change...

Have you ever had a friend that was ready to change so they just did it? Made a decision and hit the ground sprinting? OR have a friend that wants to change but never quite gets to the action part? We all want some change at some point. Quit smoking? Change careers? Eat Healthy? Start exercising? These 2 types of people got me wondering? Why do we change? What drives us to change? and What gives us that nudge into action? Anytime I am curious about something, I read and study. So I did just that and I learned a few things. Every personality is different, but there are a few constants. 1. We all desire change at some point. 2. We all get ready for change in different ways. At this stage we g

Finding Joy- Sugar and sunshine

I gave up sugar this past few weeks and WOW was that a shock. It wasn't shocking that it was something I craved, or even something that was bad for me (we all know the downsides to sugar and sugar addiction) but it was SHOCKING how often I had to check myself and not eat the sugar/donut/drink/dessert. I clearly have no idea how often I have been giving in and just have "a few" of the mini eggs or "just a spoonful" of sugar in my coffee. When you have to give it up and notice these small actions you become so much more aware of each bite and taste you have been indulging in. It was a great reminder and humbling that this journey is an ever evolving road to discover more about the way that my

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