From sick and tired to Feeling GREAT- Client review

I owe a big thanks to Lucinda for helping me get on the path to a healthier me! I first started seeing Lucinda because I just needed some advice on how to boost my immune system. I had gone through a rough couple of months with illness, and several rounds of antibiotics, and was sick and tired of being sick and tired! Lucinda helped me change things through small and simple steps. As I started to feel better, I was ready to do more, and before I knew it I was eating a clean healthy diet, exercising several times each week, and (gasp!) drinking kombucha every day (I didn’t think that was something I was ever going to do)! I feel great, and the added benefit is that in five months I lost 28

Being Kind to Kim: Binge Eating - the TRUTH!

"Mouthful after mouthful. No stopping, not even to sit down. Marge stands at the kitchen counter tasting the cold, rich chocolate, the sweet whipping cream melting into it. Just this once, she tells herself. Something to make her feel better. The hungry emptiness in her stomach is disappearing, but the tingling sensation is still on her tongue. Outside she can hear children's voices, louder now, screaming. "That's enough," she says to herself out loud. "You're not hungry any longer." -excerpt from: Feeding the Hungry Heart by Geneen Roth Binge eating isn't about how much was eaten or even about what was eaten - it's about the feeling. It's a feeling of being out of control... eating

My Confession......

I am a REAL life person, a REAL life mom and I don't have it all together. I know on social media we see so many people who seem to have it all together. Maybe they do? Maybe they don't? I am here to say.... It's not always perfect. So this week, you get authentic Lucinda. I have been through the same struggles as you...... Sometimes even today. Here is my confession... On St. Patrick's Day, I bought my kids a box of Lucky Charms. NOT health food! But it was a treat. They get treats, but only sometimes. So when they do- IT IS A BIG DEAL. Here is a hint, keep treats, treats, it makes it more exciting and special! I am not a great cook! My husband laughs when I say I am teaching cooking, or

Finding Joy- Food Prep

Hello Everyone! I have had a lot of fun talking about my meal preparation and I'd like to wish everyone a great big thank you to everyone that participated in our contest. We are very excited that in the next few weeks we will have some fun with our winner - Maureen Harper! This week I wanted to share a bit more about my prep and what inspires me. This week was all about SALSA! I have been talking about fermenting (if you haven't been to one of Lucinda's classes I highly recommend it!) and wanted to make some salsa as I love fresh salsa so much. That turned into a taco themed lunch menu. This is proving to be a lot of fun. I get to have the foods that I love and I'm making enough that my fam

How Daylight Savings Time Can Help You Lose Weight and Get Fit!

This Sunday, March 12, marks the date we change our clocks in observance of Daylight Saving Time. On this day, most Alberta residents will move their clocks forward one hour, resulting in more daylight at the end of each day. Many people dread this spring forward tradition, because it means getting one less hour of sleep. But you can take advantage of the upcoming time change to help you improve your overall fitness and health routine. The effect of daylight The sunlight has a profound impact on our bodies, particularly two hormones that control mood and energy: serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin tends to boost mood and energy, while melatonin tends to make you feel sleepy. Too much of it ca

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