Finding Joy - Kombucha and Self Care

I love this Vlog by Joy and you will too! Self-care is SO important. Unfortunately, sometimes we over indulge in things that detract from our health as a way to replace self care. My challenge: what can you do that lowers stress and is self care that adds to your health? Start today! Personally, I love a wine glass of Kombucha in the evenings... it feels like self care to me! If you haven't made it to a class yet or just want to try some amazing Kombucha, you can find it right around here... Happy Belly Kombucha can be found at: Stangs Health Center Olds Our Flames - on tap in the lounge! Health Hole in Sundre Or I can hook you up! (Call or text Lucinda 403-438-0273) Other locations in Alb

What is "Chef's Plate"? - Lucinda's Review

I had a client and a friend start telling me how awesome this meal service, "Chef's Plate" is . Easy, healthy meals delivered right to your door? Seems like there should be a catch. Right? I am a nutrition and weight loss coach and so I talk to busy women every day. The draw of fast food being the quick solution, it's a strong one. By Thursday or Friday night we all get tired.... tired of cooking, shopping, planning, all of it...... We all want easy, quick and we try for healthy. People are always asking for meal plans and everyone wishes for more time. The shopping, planning, prep and decisions about what to eat.... it's exhausting and time consuming. So she sent me a discount I couldn't sa

Being Kind to Kim: Healthy Food is Delicious!

When you think of eating healthy, do you think of a fridge filled with celery, kale, salads without flavour and plain, unseasoned chicken breast? Before I started this journey, that was certainly what I envisioned! But lately, I've rediscovered healthy food! My taste buds have changed (apparently, that happens) and I am completely in love with delicious, real food! Avocado, olive oil, good quality cheese, homemade salad dressings, garlic, butter, sea salt! These ingredients, when prepared right, make my food sing to me! My love affair with real food started when I took Lucinda's online soup class. Creamy Asparagus soup made with lots of garlic and a base of coconut milk really opened my

What is emotional eating and how to cope.....

What is Emotional Eating? If you ever make some room for eating something even after you are full or when you are feeling low, then you are probably struck with an emotional situation. Emotional eating is using food to make you feel better rather than filling your stomach. Using food to reward any celebratory moment is a not a bad thing. When you are eating to cope with all the emotional disturbances, it might be termed as emotional eating. When your first thought is to open the refrigerator and eat dollops of food when you are bored, stressed as well as exhausted is the first step towards emotional eating and you will be stuck in an unhealthy cycle without never really addressing it. Emotio

Being Kind to Kim: When Things Go Wrong

I enjoyed my Christmas break. Lucinda had the foresight to give her clients a "time out" over the holidays if they wanted one and I took it. I ate good food (including chocolate), drank beer and wine (sometimes in excess), and spent time with friends and family. I am proud to say that there wasn't one moment when I beat myself up after making poor nutrition choices. I enjoyed my bad choices, dammit! But then came the time to get back to work. Play time was over and it was time to climb back onto the scale... drumroll please... EIGHT POUNDS?!? I had lost 25 pounds overall since I started with Lucinda in mid-August and so eight pounds was nearly one third of all of my hard work! So I started b

Being Kind to Kim: I am an Emotional Eater

I recently borrowed the book, "Breaking Free from Emotional Eating" by Geneen Roth from Lucinda's book lending shelf. (side note: Lucinda has an excellent book collection that her clients are welcome to borrow from) Anyways, I'm about halfway through the book and holy moly, am I ever having some revelations about myself! First (and this is the biggest for me)... I need to eat when I'm HUNGRY. Not when it's noon, not when I'm bored, not when I feel like I SHOULD be eating, not when I'm watching TV and want a snack, not when I'm driving and see a Timmies coming up... I need to eat when I'm HUNGRY. It sounds simple, right? Well I am realizing that I haven't been eating when I'm hungry. I've bee

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