Finding Joy- Drink Your Water!!

I've blogged about water in the past but felt I should go back to it. I have been falling short on the water drinking lately and have to make it a priority again. I started noticing that I was getting headaches a few weeks ago. I had to dig the pain killers back out of my desk that I haven't used in a while and all of a sudden I needed my lip chap everywhere I went. I noticed that I was getting tired sooner in the afternoon and in the past week I also noticed my skin was dryer and my body felt creaky and old :(. In just a few day of starting to drink more and more water I was able to start fixing all of my body's new aches and issues. I even started sleeping better. How crazy that just incre

Finding Joy- Surviving Christmas

Surviving Christmas There is a lot of advice out there about surviving the holiday. Whether it's stress, food or all the Christmas cheer that gets to you there are hundreds of blogs, posts and instagram pictures about how to handle it in ten easy steps. If you are already in survival mode all that well meaning advise is going in one ear and out the other. I'm there too! In the middle of our 8 Christmas parties and functions that happen to fall in the Christmas season, the kids parties, school functions, sports, church and volunteer commitments my life is very busy. One big thing has stuck with me and made Christmas's ENJOY Christmas. Seriously, when I quit beating myself up for t

Thriving through the holidays- Part 2

Let’s face it: it is hard to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan during the holidays! Everywhere we turn there are tempting foods and drinks—from treats at office parties to our own traditional family favorites. When you add in a busy schedule filled with shopping and get-togethers that make it tough to squeeze in exercise, you have a recipe for disaster as far as our scales are concerned. The good news is that you really can get through the holidays without gaining weight. It will take some effort, but you will thank yourself a thousand times when January 1st rolls around and you have no regrets! Your Goal: Maintenance In order to greet the New Year without tipping the scale, it

Exciting announcement!

Really excited to announce that I will be working with Happy Belly Kombucha as their sales ambassador. It is such a great fit as I strongly believe everyone should be drinking kombucha and have a Happy Belly! This is all brewed at a small brewery located in Chestermere. My role is connecting retailers with Happy Belly. I am excited for the day we stop by a store or go for lunch and can have fresh, cold crisp delicious Kombucha on tap- anywhere!! Amazing right?!! Be sure to check out their website. Now if you are a client you might be worried about me still having time to coach- I am not quitting, simply adding this onto my company as an additional complementary service.

Being Kind to Kim: Eating to Celebrate!

I don't know about you, but I love eating to celebrate!... "It's Friday, let's celebrate getting through the week by going out for supper and drinking beer at the pub!" "It's Valentine's! Let's celebrate our love by over-indulging in crappy and cheap milk chocolate!" "It's Christmas! Let's celebrate by stuffing ourselves with food of all sorts... turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, pie, ice cream, chocolates, wine, etc, etc!" "It's our office party! Let's celebrate not killing our coworkers this year by indulging in a lovely potluck!" And my current nemesis: "My hubby is home from working up north! Let's celebrate by eating out, drinking beer, skipping the workouts and gener

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