The very confusing world of fats...

First of all, after taking my training I decided fat shouldn't be called fat. It should be called sustainable energy because that is a more accurate description of what it does. It's a great slow burn energy source! Here is what my text book says about fat: Leptin, ghrelin, and weight loss Understanding how to manipulate ghrelin levels is an especially important consideration in the design of a weight loss meal plan. Drawing upon your knowledge of fibre’s ability to promote satiety with whole foods for weight loss, you will see why meals high in fibre help subjects lose weight. Furthermore, the satiety benefits of mono and poly-unsaturated fats together with wholefood proteins can help c

Finding Joy- Move it!

We have all heard the rumors that working out is only a SMALL part of weight loss. I have been working on losing weight for years now and the one thing that I am learning from personal experience about working out, it’s not about your body, it about you brain! Working out is a good brain activity. It makes you happy, motivated and focused on your goal. Finding something you love to do makes it even better and if you find yourself consistently going off track, this could be the one thing that you aren’t’ doing. I have found, that when I am not “eating my exercise points” or really eating a lot after a workout to “reward myself” I start getting into a routine that is really heathy for my mind

Naturally Boost your Immune System

Colds and flus don't get us because of germs... This time of year we eat more sugar (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day) and we are more stressed. Also, we aren't outside getting our hormone D3 (sunshine). To top things off, it's not as hot outside so we usually cut back on our water intake. Washing hands is great but you can wash your hands all day long yet if you are a weak "host", colds and flus are going to magically show up with you and not with someone who has prevented them from the inside out. Here are some steps for some Natural ways to boost immunity. 1) Cut back on the sugar intake and if you do start to feel something coming on, make sure you have no sugar and n

Kombucha Flavours

I have been teaching workshops about Kombucha regularly. (It is a fermented tea that is a probiotic drink) My next event is planned in Olds in January and details can be found on the events page of my website or Facebook page. A very common question is what favours can I use? I thought since many of you that read the blog are now making Kombucha it might be good to share this info here. I borrowed this info off of the Kombucha Brew Crew Facebook page. Lots of GREAT flavor ideas here. Kombucha Second Ferment Flavors AIMEE GALLO·SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2015 Kombucha 2nd Ferment Varieties *NOTE: These flavors do not replace advice given by your healthcare provider. Always seek medical attention fi

Finding Joy- Unexpected results of Weight Loss

The unexpected results of weight loss. This topic was always my favourite one when trying to get motivated. Reading blogs and chat groups about what happens after you start losing weight. Some of it was good and some not as nice, but it was on my mind a lot this week. It started with a family trip down to Medicine Hat. My family, including two young boys, stayed at a hotel that had a waterpark in the middle. What would normally have created anxiety and stress was a day of playing in the pool and doing so many turns on the waterslide my legs went wobbly! In reflection that night, I realized how many times I choose not to do something with my boys for fear of being judged for my post baby body

Being Kind to Kim - Delayed Gratification

I'm great at delayed gratification when it comes to my pay cheque, but not when it comes to my eating! Why is it that we, as adults, are so good at delayed gratification when it comes to our pay cheques? We work our butts off for a week, two weeks, or a whole month before we see any actual cash! Could you imagine if we knocked on our boss's door at the end of every shift and said, "I'd like to be paid for that 8 hours NOW"? I'm great at delayed gratification when it comes to my pay cheque, but not when it comes to my eating! When I set my mind to losing weight and getting healthier, I'd really prefer to lose 20 pounds in a day - not in 3+ months! I look at myself in the mirror after workin

Finding Joy.... I may have needed a kick in the ass...

Every now and then we need a kick in the ass! Last week was a particularly hard one for me, as I felt down about myself, my journey and that bled into a lot of other areas of my life. For any other A types out there, you know just how hard reaching out to our friends are when we aren't at our best. I have a really hard time acknowledging when I need my friends, avoiding talking about myself seems to be one of my coping techniques. My kick in the ass came from Lucinda who was able to see that and call me on it. We all need a Lucinda in our lives, that friend who is willing to say what other people won't and to bring you back to the present. Talking things through didn't fix it, but it made me

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