Being Kind to Kim - Lucinda's First Challenge!

The conversation went something like this... "I eat too much sugar. It seems I'm always grabbing chocolate or cookies or candy, especially at night." And Lucinda replied, "It sounds like you need to clean out your cupboards! Throw out all of the food that isn't really food! Put the garbage food where it belongs - in the garbage!" Oh. Yikes! Here's the thing... I'm on maternity leave and so my income is limited. I spent good money on that "food"! I don't know if I can just throw it out! What a waste of money! But, on the other hand, I get what Lucinda is saying. The junk in my cupboards isn't really food, is it? It's garbage. It doesn't fuel my body. It's full of sugar and chemicals and d

Sick of making lunches for your kids?

We talk about kids and food in my grocery tour. Part of a child's education is teaching them good food choices from an early age. Let them try the interesting looking vegetables. Let them pick what fruit they like. Teach them how to read food labels. Starting at a young age will set your kids up for healthy habits later in life. Get the whole family involved with healthy choices! When my kids started school I quickly realized that I don't love packing lunches every night. Especially for the next 12-13 years. I think kindergarten is a great time to get them involved at the grocery store and at home making lunch choices. There is a "have-to-have" guideline on the fridge that they regularly c

Finding Joy - Food Regret

Do you get food regret? If you're anything like me, you have heard this term, done it, talked about it and had the stomach aches to go with it! In this journey, I have learned that my body does not like bread. I'm not built for it, it doesn't like me and I can feel it in my stomach for an entire day after eating some. If I stay away from it and stick with my high protein/high vegetable diet I feel like a million bucks! And yet...that yummy cinnamon bread and the amazing pizza that always tends to creep its way into my house is sometimes too tempting. After years of eating so poorly, it's a hard habit to break - my bad food addiction. The only thing that helps in my moments of weakness, is th

You can't cheat sugar....

You just can't .... You read the labels on the soft drinks... It says zero calories, no sugar... diet. It seems appealing, still a sweet drink or treat, but no calories. It must be good, right? WRONG. Most of these products are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. I am going to be talking about them today. They go by names like aspartame and sucralose. At the grocery tour last week I talked about these. There were lots of questions and I thought I would give more information about these sweeteners. What is aspartame? Aspartame (APM; /ˈæspərteɪm/ or /əˈspɑːrteɪm/) is an artificial, non-saccharide sweetener used as a sugar substitute in some foods and beverages. In the European Union, it is c

Being Kind to Kim

I've struggled with my weight my whole adult life... There have been times when I've been happy with my weight and times I certainly have not. Right now is one of those times when I am not. But, as Lucinda says, I need to be kind to Kim. I really think that this is key for me. Ever since I was a kid, I've been exposed to messages that lead me down the path of being unkind to myself... Super skinny magazine models, airbrushed to "perfection"... Music videos featuring long legs and big boobs... Even my barbie dolls were unattainable "perfection"! I need to turn this around and be kind to myself. So what does being kind to myself look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like?

Finding Joy- Mini Goals

Mini Goals this week was a good one for me and my "mini goal". I have a shirt that has been hanging up in my closet that I have been waiting to wear, this week i got the wear it! It was exciting and I loved being able to wear it. There is nothing like a small victory to boost your morale. This motivates me to start picking out motivating "mini goals" for the next 10 lbs. I'm excited for the new clothes I will get to wear again and the pant sizes to start shrinking!

Finding Joy September

So this last week and a bit was a big AH HA moment for me. I’m really starting to understand what my body needs to lose weight and I’m actually paying attention to it. For me, this was all about eating when I was hungry. It seems simple enough but try it sometime to see how odd it really feels. I had a big breakfast and to make sure I was only eating when I needed to, I waited until I was hungry…it wasn’t until just before supper when I started to get hungry again. Listening to my body’s hunger signals and actually WAITING until I was hungry again has made my weight start to drop quickly. If you try anything this week based on what you have read in my blog, try this! Don’t eat until you are

Salad Dressing Online Email Class

I thought I would tell you about a class I offer.. It can be done anytime. I send it in email form so you can take the class in your spare time. Here is a great review that came in about it: "I am so glad that I took the few minutes necessary to complete the salad dressing course that Lucinda created. While the idea of making a variety of dressings each week seemed like too much in a busy life, Lucinda was able to create a course that was very concise and easy to access. It is possible for any member of a family to create these dressings as another step toward healthy living. Her ideas use real food products that are available at a local grocery store and she provides a variety of recipe

Fall Recipes

I think the most common thing that people ask for is MORE recipes. I dont post many.... For this reason, I think it complicates things. If you think of your meals and food in terms of single ingredients then it stays very healthy and very easy. Here is an example of " single ingredient supper. Baked chicken breasts with baked potato and roasted broccoli No recipe needed, just a few great spices to make it amazing. There are many combinations like this to make simple and healthy meals. I talk a LOT about these strategies in my grocery tour (Next one happening Sept 15 at No Frills in Olds) That being said I have a few Healthy, yummy (not too complicated recipes to share. Just remember singl

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