Summer bucket list- backpacking trip

We try for a yearly backpacking trip, this is year 3 and we are getting better at packing. It takes some time to dehydrate food ( making sure it's light weight and enough calories) gathering all the needed gear and pairing down any extras. My pack was 20 lbs and my husbands was 35. Day 1- started out later than usual and got to the trail head at 11 ish. We started at the pinto lake staging area. It was about 9 km to where we wanted to camp. The hike had a few climbs but nothing too technical. Spectacular views that followed a creek part of the way. We arrived just before 3. We set up camp and toured around, with plenty of time to relax and make supper. I was drained- carrying the pack is exh

Is this Sneaky Energy drain keeping you stuck?

Is This Energy-Drainer Keeping You Stuck? It’s all around you, but you probably don’t even notice. It is a stealth energy-drainer, and it may be sabotaging your health and fitness goals. It’s called clutter and each of us has it in our lives. This can be physical clutter or mental clutter. The insidious nature of clutter is this: it establishes itself so gradually and entrenches itself so deeply, that we don’t even consciously know it is there. But it is there, sapping our creativity, our energy, and our productivity, and ultimately our health. Physical clutter is clutter in your physical environment. This can be in your car, your office, your kitchen, your bathroom, your closet, your

The Coach's Perspective

The coach's perspective- Joy will be away for a few weeks and I will be posting from my perspective. I am not calling it finding Joy because this applies to everyone who has tried to drop weight. So this is for you, and me.. When i coach people I try to teach them about calories, macros and Nutrition. These are key elements to dropping weight and getting healthy. Some people come to me with that knowledge already. Having an understanding of these things are key to weight loss. Understanding these can fuel great success at weight loss. However if you are someone who has struggled with weight and overeating your whole life. If you have tried many diets and they don't seem to " work" . The las

Summer Questions

I had a few frequent questions come up and I thought I would add the answers here. 1. First of all I had a few clients seem to disappear in the summer months. I ran into a friend a few weeks ago and she says... I am sure I will be back in the fall.... the summer is just so hard... beer on the deck, hot dogs and ice cream..... My answer... Hey Me too! Weight loss can be challenging in the summer (And Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Easter and your Birthday) You get the idea. Summer can also be a great opportunity to get out and get some exercise and fresh air. Walk somewhere (instead of on a treadmill) I am here to support you. I get it .... Summer is challenging for me too. So

Finding HANGRY Joy week 17

If you are like me…you can get a little HANGRY now and then. Between meals, late at night and if I don’t eat in the morning before I have to think. This last week I have been listening to a lot of podcasts recommended by Lucinda and they ALL deal with the emotional side of eating. One of the things that I listened to was about the emotions that we try to hide with eating. So…I let myself get HANGRY (alone so I didn’t put my poor family in danger! J) and felt what it was that I was trying to cover with food. I let myself go there, and I was surprised…what I eat to cover is not anything as important as my health, but I’ve been eating to get away from having to feel it. In the process I found o

But why?

I'm reading this amazing book called " If I'm So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight" by Brooke Castillo. It states that food is not the problem, overeating is. We need to check in with ourselves and find out why? Why do we overeat? Why don't we stop when full? What is the underlying reasons? This is the hard work, with coaching and being coached. Most of us don't want to look deeper. Sometimes as a coach I don't want to make people uncomfortable, to face your innermost hang ups. I prefer to just talk nutrition. But it is the necessary step. If you can work through the " why" then it's not an ongoing struggle for your whole life. If you know the information about healthy food, good choices, macros

Contest Time!!!

It is time for some summer fun giveaways. I have this fun water bottle made by an awesome creative lady, right here in Olds (Support LOCAL!!) I want you all to stay hydrated this summer. All you need to do is, Like my facebook page and tag a friend in the comments. You and your friend get entered. Easy peasy- Lets do this!! Winner is announced July 9.

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