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Guided hikes FAQ's

February 1, 2019

I just want to answer a few questions as many of you have booked a hike and now have some questions.... Or still deciding because you are not sure about the details.

All this information comes in a email 7 or so days before your hike. Please check junk mail before reaching out about the email. Also please reference the date and name of your hike, when reaching out for details. 


Carpooling/ Transportation- Transportaion is not included.

We are just arranging carpooling from Olds as that is where your guide is from. If you are attending but live elsewhere, you will be given a detailed map and meet up times in an email 7-10 days before we go.  If you live anywhere but Olds/ area... plan on meeting at the trailhead. (Dont drive from Calgary to Olds for carpooling to Kananaskis)
All summer hikes are just meet at trailhead.

Weather Conditions:
Unless it is dangerous conditions we go in most weather. I cancel if safety is a concern or if the trail is closed. That being said we went on a hike last year with terrible rain storms predicted, it misted and we got fantastic misty photos. Another hike was +25 and a random thunder shower just about washed us away- We still had so much fun and a soggy but fun ride home. If hiking in May, plan for snow or rain, if hiking in June count on rain. Come prepared!! Dress in layers, bring dry clothing for the car ride home.  No refunds will be given due to bad weather.


What do I need to bring?

  • Hiking boots or shoes. Break them in before the day of the hike. 

  • A backpack to put the gear into

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

  • Bug spray if needed

  • A hat (optional)

  • Lipchap with sunscreen

  • Extra clothing- layers, layers, layers! Alberta weather can do ANYTHING.

  • Extra socks

  • Rain coat

  • Extra food- Plan on more than usual, you will be hungry.

  • Water. At least 1-2 liters per adult minimum

  • A camera or phone to take pictures

  • HIking poles (optional)

  • ANY and all medications you might need. I need to know of major medical conditions before we hit the trail.

DONT bring; (I will be taking care of these items for you.)

A map of the trail- I will have copies if you would like one.

Emergency supplies

Fire starers

First aid kit

Bear Spray

Loud radios or speakers-Just don't be "that guy"




What about bears and other wildlife?

Your guide has training and will  include  you a quick bear safety talk before our hike. The plan is avoidance. All trail reports will be checked and your safety will be top priority.

Why cant I bring bear spray?

A few reasons... the biggest one being... Do you want to hike with nervous people  carrying pepper spray? me either!! The best prevention is to travel in a  group and be loud. With 4 or more women- we should have that covered! If you are 100% confident carrying bear spray and know how to use it- Just let me know. 


Why join me for a guided hike...

I am going to take care of all the details. 

I am familiar with the trail. 

I will take care of all safety concerns

I have my yearly updated First aid and CPR

I am certified as a hiking guide. I carry the proper permits and business license for the parks. 

I hold a certificate as a Interpretive guide and will be sharing all the nerdy stuff about the area.

It is JUST more Fun with a group.

Hope you can join me!

Here is a link to my events page with all upcoming hikes 









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